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We are one of just a few that “Specialize Only in Real Estate Licensing”.

We are the ONLY school that has the “Top Instructor In The State” teaching longer than anyone else in the entire field.

We are the ONLY school that has an “Exam Review Guide” that narrows down all the information and is completley focused to the state exam.

We are the ONLY school that offers a “Drive and Prep Program” that allows students to study at sometimes the only available time…while driving.

We are the ONLY school to offer a “Lightning Review Audio” which provides a very critical last minute review of info before heading to the state exam.

We are the ONLY school to offer a FREE License Prep Program.

We are the ONLY school that has a LIVE CHAT available “Day and Evening” in case students need assistance.

We are the ONLY school that makes our Head Instructor available by email or to call direct “Day and Evening” in case students have questions in regards to their studies.

Last, we are the ONLY school that offers a DOUBLE YOUR MONEYBACK GUARANTEE!

We are so confident we have the “Best Program” at the “Lowest Price” that we invite you to call all the other schools and do a side by side comparison. Be sure to ask a lot of questions, because making the wrong decision could end up costing you alot of lost time and money!

If you have any questions you can call our Head Counselor direct at 1-800-878-1929 any day 9am-11pm including weekends and he will explain with “no pressure” the differences between what our school provides and all the others and even refer another program if for some reason we do not offer what you desire.

10 REASONS TO CHOOSE US full explanations



Phase 1.

Qualification Program

Search our school here for DRE Approvals

To qualify to schedule a testing date for the State Exam
Individuals are required to complete 3 courses:

California Real Estate Principles (mandatory)
California Real Estate Practice (mandatory)
Legal Aspects Of Real Estate (elective)                                          

May choose an alternative course for the elective. 
Click here to see full list of available courses

  • Includes Hardcopy Textbooks and E-books
  • Open Book Online Finals / 99.8% Pass Rate
  • Complete each course in minimum time period of 2-1/2 weeks

Simple And Easy To Compete:
Read textbook (Start immediately by reading pdf online or wait for hardcopy to arrive)  & take “Open Book” final with only a 60% grade or better to pass. (No assignments required to be turned in or graded, compared to other schools)

Course Descriptions

If you have completed 1 or more courses click here:
Course Waivers and Alternative Program


$149.00 retail 

$139 October Promotion

Phase 2.

License Exam Preparation

Access PowerPrep Online TM
(Use with PC, Mac and Tablets)

Newly Revised & Updated for 2018


Live Power Review Video with “State’s Top Instructor” (6+ hours)
And follow along 178 pg Exam Review Guide
View video as often as needed

Online Practice Testing w/ auto grading

  • Mini-Course – 300 Q&As
  • Newest Questions – 550 Q&As
  • Master Practice Exam (Mock State Exam) – 150 Q&As

Lightning Review Audio (80 min)
To listen to on the way to state exam testing site

MasterPrep Flashcards
Improve memory of important terms and definitions

Free Consultation with Head Instructor
To answer questions through the entire study process

BONUS Drive & Prep Audio Review (13 hrs)

Includes: Audio taken from Power Review Video, Special Q&A Analysis and Lightning Review

Optional Hardcopy Versions: Video DVDs, 178 pg Exam Review Guide, Practice Tests Booklet and Lightning Review CD (same info as online)


$99.00 Incl Hardcopy Versions
w/ Bonus “Full Color” Career Manual 


Get The
Qualification Program (Phase 1) includes Hardcopy Course Textbooks and (Phase 2) PowerPrep Online Program is Included FREE!
($69 Retail Value)
with w/ Bonus “Full Color Brochure”





Includes Phase 1 & Free Phase 2 plus Hardcopy Versions:
Video DVDs, 178 pg Exam Review Guide, Practice Tests Booklet & Lightning Review CD

FREE SHIPPING on all packages in the month OCTOBER!

Packages Usually Received In 2 to 4 Business Days
The Ultimate Guarantee | Pays Double Your Moneyback If Failing

Note: For “free programs” we will pay state exam fee if failing

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Sales Agent License

Question: What’s the Soonest I Can Get Licensed?
Answer: About 3 months on average


The Qualification Program

Completion time: Minimum, 2-1/2 weeks per each course taken, which must be taken apart from each other (example: minimum time period to complete 3 courses would be 7-1/2 weeks). Also if a student enrolls and 7-1/2 weeks have passed without taking a course final, student would then be eligible to take all 3 finals at once or when desired after that time period. Maximum, one (1) year from date of enrollment.

California Real Estate Principles, Practice and Legal Aspects. We provide the required courses through the use of Department Of Real Estate approved “Home Study” programs. These courses are by far the quickest and most convenient way to complete this portion of your studies. Each course is “self-paced” and for those motivated, each course can be completed in as little as 2-1/2 weeks.

We offer the newest editions of our textbooks as they are updated by our providers on consistent basis when needed. The DRE requires schools that have courses that only provide an e-book for study, track the student’s time online for the full 45 hour time required to complete the course, opposed to school’s like ours that also provide all of the hardcopy textbooks (no tracking is required). Unfortunately these textbooks contain much more information than what will be necessary for you to know in order to pass the state exam. Therefore we recommend spending just enough time on each course in order to assure yourself of passing the “Open Book Finals” and then studying our prep materials which will focus you into the exact information you’ll need to pass your state exam.

Our “Open Book” final and 60% grade or better to pass,
has provided our students with nearly a 100% Pass Rate!

How To Complete The Courses:

Read Each Course Textbook. Hardcopy Textbook or E-book Online (Assignments are available at the end of each chapter, however they are not required to be turned in or graded)

Take The Final Examination For Each Course. The final examination for each course final may be taken anytime 2-1/2 weeks from date of enrollment. Students will have up to 2-1/2 hours to complete the final exam which will consist of 100 multiple choice quiz questions. The final is OPEN BOOK and only requires a 60% grade or better to pass. (taken ONLINE) Once completed, students will be given immediate results whether they passed or failed (the school is not allowed to give out a percentage grade). Failures are nearly non-existent, however if one does a occur, students are eligible at “anytime” within the enrollment period to take a second final. If failing a second time, by regulation requirements the course is considered as being “failed” and the student would have to re-enroll in the program.

Receiving the Certificates Of Completions. Upon successful completion of each course, the school provides a CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION identifying the course title and approval number.

Applying For State Exam Testing Date. When completing all the required courses, You can apply to the Department Of Real Estate for a testing date by sending in all the certificates along with an application.

It will usually take between 4 to 6 weeks before you take your State Exam. In the meanwhile you will want to start preparation.


License Exam Preparation

Prepare For Your State Exam: In order to be successful, students will need to study information that is specific and focused to the subject matter and vocabulary that will appear on the state exam.

Completion Time: The minimal 4-6 weeks while waiting for state exam date.

Step 1. Review The Information That You Will Be Tested On

Live Power Review Video
“We Bring The Power Of The Classroom To You”

For over 35 years Don had taught a live weekend review. Classes had traditionally been taught and were held in all the major cities across California. Now students can benefit from this segment of learning conveniently in their home, office or anywhere on a personal computer (6+ hours)

The primary purpose of the “Class Review” has been to give a complete and thorough review of the main topic areas and all the most important information students can expect to find on the State Exam, Instead of our students having to drive to a particular location to attend Don’s lecture, All of our students now have a chance to see his incredible presentation recorded ”live” in this special video series. More importantly students can now access the information immediately and use as a primary source of subject matter and vocabulary to study. The video format has also supplied the ability for students to fast forward, rewind or view any portion of the video when needed. Not only is this an added convenience but we have also found this absolutely crucial in the study process as in a live class situation students can only listen to the lecture once. Having the ability to view numerous times, rewind to listen to over again for repetition and being able to watch when students are alert and ready gives our students a huge advantage in memorizing the large scope of material. In addition Don’s expertise in the field of Real Estate and more importantly his long time teaching credentials, shines through as in the video he shares true to life experiences as examples. This tends to help explain the information more effectively and grasp students attention, therefore making the classroom experience more enjoyable by keeping them alert and attentive the whole way through. Our Exam Review Guide, previously used to follow along in the classroom can now be used to accompany watching the video.

This includes well over 100 examples of possible types of questions and TEST TAKING HINTS that can mean the difference between getting a PASSING or FAILING GRADE. Click Here For Sample Video

Exam Review Guide
(Also Used To Accompany Watching The Video)

Contains All The Focused Subject Matter You Will Be Tested On For The State Exam. No other school that we know of has completed the task of taking the all vast amount information from the numerous course textbooks available and strategically narrowed it down to subject matter pertinent to the actual state exam. Our Exam Review Guide will take you through 178 pages of an easy to read outline that contains the major topic areas you will be tested on for the state exam. Included will be a page revealing a percentage breakdown of topic areas covered on the state exam so you will know exactly where to place your focus. Also included in the back of the Exam Review Guide is an additional General Information section where we place the most updated information added to the state exam.

Step 2. Test Yourself On All Information You Have Studied

Online Practice Testing
Utilize Our Bank Of 1000 Q&A’s w/ Auto Grading


These are the written form of a set of specially selected 300 questions and answers. Each of the questions and all answers are thoroughly explained and analyzed.

Newest Questions 
This particular set of practice exams contains 550 newest questions & answers. It introduces questions that reflect the most recent changes to the state exam.

Master Practice Exam
This Master Practice Exam (Mock State Exam) consists of 150 questions and answers.

Step 3. Last Minute Review Of All the Information

Lighting Review Audio (80 min)
Listen To On the Way To The State Exam Testing Site. This “Powerful” Audio is designed to provide a “Quick” and “Effective” method of reviewing all the necessary vocabulary and subject matter prior to taking the actual exam. The closer to the exam date this is reviewed, the better retention of the information each student will have. After following the school’s suggested study procedure, we believe that the use of this audio will be the key to success in passing the state exam.

ADD Hardcopy Versions (same as Online Prep)
These materials add the convenience of being able to study anywhere at anytime.

Includes: 2 DVD’s (6+ hours), Exam Review Guide Booklet, Practice Testing Booklet 1000 Q&A’s and Lightning Review CD.

Free Consultation with Head Instructor

Included with our programs…”YOUR OWN PRIVATE TUTOR”. All of our enrolled students will be provided access to our Head Instructor who will be available to students by telephone or email to answer any and all questions related to their studies as they go through the entire program. No other school offers this type of personalized attention!


“The Most Valuable Time To Study Is While Driving”

This program allows time normally wasted while driving to now be used to properly prepare for the state exam…while preserving your time and normal lifestyle. Consists of audio from Power Review video (6+ hrs) Q&A Analysis (5 hrs) and the Lightning Review Audio (80 mins), nearly 13 hours of jam packed information.

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