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California Real Estate School | Lowest Cost Enrollment

We offer the “Quickest” & “Easiest” method of getting a Real Estate License to become a Sales Agent or Broker.  Also Offering Continuing Education.

Featuring an unmatched 99% PASS RATE on our programs and a 200% Double Moneyback Guarantee! 

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Celebrating Success

Over 80 Years of Family Business! 

Looking for California Real Estate Schools, you will find that many are corporate ran, offer courses in multiple states and have various types of career programs. We on the other hand are family owned, provide a much more personalized experience and lastly, laser focused specifically on the California Real Estate License Exam.

 PowerPrep Online™
Updated for 2023 with Brand New Design and Function!
Specifically created to effectively prepare for the State Exam. Put in less study time while obtaining the best results! Enroll in separately (referred to as Phase 2 below) Enroll in our Sales Agent License Package and it’s included for FREE!

 State’s Top Instructor 
Teaching longer than anyone in the entire field | Over 40 Years! 

Drive and Prep Program
Students can study for the state exam while they drive and listen to this unique audio review.

Guaranteed Career Placement 

California Real Estate School C-21

If you currently do not have a Broker Sponsor, then we guarantee placement with Century 21, which is one the most well-known brokerages in the entire world with over 14,250 independently owned and operated franchise brokers across 87 countries. 

Now by fate we have partnered with the #1 top producing division of C-21 brokerages in California, with 34 offices statewide.

Why would C-21 with such longevity & substantial production choose to partner with us? The answer is simple, we have been able to get new students licensed faster and more effective than any other school in the industry!

C-21 has agreed to pay back the student’s enrollment fees from our school, upon the completion of their first sale. For those who follow the entire licensing process, virtually the cost of our program is FREE!

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Sales Agent License

Qualify, Prepare & Pass the State Exam!

Phase 1.

Qualification Program

The Fastest & Easiest method to
complete the qualification process that is approved by the DRE | Sponsor ID# S0579

Search our DRE Approval

Must Complete to Qualify for State Exam:

1. Real Estate Principles (mandatory)
2. Real Estate Practice (mandatory)
3. Legal Aspects of Real Estate (elective) 

You can choose an ALTERNATIVE course for the elective. Click here to view our available courses.

  • Hardcopy & E-books
  • ALL NEW! Print Your Own Certificates
  • Open Book Online Finals / 99.8% Pass Rate
  • Complete each course in minimum of 2-1/2 weeks.
  • 1 Year Term

How To Complete Courses:
Read textbook at your own pace (pdf online or hardcopy). NO TRACKING REQUIRED. Take “Open Book” Online final. (100 Q&A multiple choice) with a 60% grade or better to pass.

Course Descriptions

If completed 1 or more courses, you can click here: Alternative Program

Regular Enrollment $169.00

Special Promo $139.00


Once qualified, you move on to prepare for the state exam.


Phase 2. 

License Preparation Program

FREE ACCESS when enrolling in Phase 1. Qualification Program

If already qualified for a State Exam date, you can enroll in this program separately for $79 ($128 with hardcopies)

PowerPrep Online™

Updated for 2023 with Brand New Design and Function!


Don Schwartz, Teaching longer than anyone in the entire field | Over 40 years



1. Power Review Video
“WE BRING THE CLASSROOM TO YOU!” Watch at any time at your convenience…fast forward, rewind and repeat as often as needed. The longest running & most successful CRASH REVIEW” with follow along 178 pg. Exam Guide. (6+ Hours)

2. Practice Testing

  • Mini-Course | 300 Q&As
  • Newest | 450 Q&As
  • Master Exam | 150 Q&As       

3. Lightning Review
“Important Last-Minute Audio” Listen to on the way to the exam site (80 min)


MasterPrep Online Flashcards
Use these to improve memory of important terms and definitions.

Drive & Prep Audio Online | For those with busy schedules & limited time to study, you can “STUDY WHILE YOU DRIVE”. Audio taken from Power Review Video, Q&A Analysis and Lightning Review (13 hours)

Free Consultation with our Head Instructor | YOUR OWN PRIVATE TUTOR | available to answer any questions as you go through the entire program.


Full Details on Sales Agent Program

Sales Agent License Package | Enroll in (Phase 1) Qualification Program which includes hardcopy textbooks & access to Phase 2 PowerPrep Online is FREE! (Value $248)

Special Promo

$139.00 Exp. 12/8


Pays back $278 if failing the State Exam, Refund Policy

Once enrolled, students will have immediate access to textbooks online | hardcopy textbooks/materials usually arrive in 3 to 4 Business Days

Click on button below to enroll in all Sales Agent Programs and options…

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OPTIONAL: $49 for hardcopy versions of PowerPrep Online, includes Exam Guide Booklet & Practice Tests Booklet. Option is for convenience, same info online.

Still Have Questions? You can initiate a LIVE CHAT below…

If Already Have State Exam Date: 
PHASE 2 – PowerPrep Online separately is $79 or $128 with the hardcopy versions | 200% Moneyback If Failing State Exam | 6 Months Access | Click “Enroll” Above 

State’s Top Instructor

California’s Top Real Estate Instructor

Over 40 Years of Experience

Don Schwartz is the 3rd generation in his family to teach and considered by many to be, the “Leading Expert” of License Exam Preparation. At an early age, he began teaching at his father’s real estate school. His long-time experience and staying current with the exam, makes him the leading expert in this field.

In 1976, he was the first create the concept of a Weekend Crash Course. It quickly became so popular he expanded it in 8 major cities around the state. He needed others teach, but soon discovered what he taught was so specialized even the top brokers weren’t capable of doing it so, when possible, he taught them all himself. He has always wanted to provide all his students the most effective program, when the technology became available, he put his full lecture on VIDEO and made himself available nearly 24/7 for consultation. 
Sample Video

Sample Video


Requirements To Get A California Real Estate License


Step 1. Complete the 135-hour requirement and follow the guidelines to acquire a California Real Estate License.

AGE: Must be an age of 18 years or older. A high school diploma is not required.

PROOF OF RESIDENCE: Sales Agents need not be a resident. Broker’s must have a resident address in California.

BACKGROUND: No experience needed, Past criminal convictions may result in
denial. For more info see form RE229 on the DRE website.

Educational Requirements:
Must complete three college level pre-requisite courses,
2 Mandatory Courses:
California Real Estate Principles
California Real Estate Practice

And one elective course from the following:

Property Management
Real Estate Finance
Real Estate Economics
Legal Aspects of Real Estate
Real Estate Appraisal
Mortgage Loan Brokering and Lending
*Real Estate Office Administration
*General Accounting
*Business Law
*Common Interest Developments

*not offered by our school

Course Descriptions

Step 2. Apply for your State Exam date, get fingerprinting.

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Drive & Prep

Drive & Prep Audio Review

Failure of the State Exam is simply due to lack of study time. Drive and Prep allows time normally wasted while driving to now be used to properly prepare for the exam… while preserving that normal lifestyle. 13 hours of valuable information. The only program that allows you to “Study While You Drive”

Sample Program

Sample Program

Sample of the Exam Review Guide and the Practice Exam Questions 

Sample Program



Becoming a Real Estate Broker allows you to work independently and also hire agents to represent you. To qualify requires both; 2 Years Full-Time Experience as a Sales Agent in the last 5 years or a 4 Year Degree with a Major or Minor in Real Estate (contact DRE for possible waivers) and lastly, the Completion of 8 Courses.

FREE Online License Prep Program when ordering 5 or more courses

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